Brass a versatile material!

Brass is an alloy of the metals copper and zinc. The usual compounds containing a zinc content of 5 to 45 percent. With a higher proportion are no longer useful alloys. The color spectrum ranges from golden red with a high copper content to pale yellow, with a high zinc content. Copper and zinc blend perfectly into the melt during solidification and remain evenly distributed into each other. Brass is therefore a very homogeneous material. While many alloys between copper and zinc could be made ‚Äč‚Äčtheoretically infinite, but the number of brasses in practice limited to a few dozen. The new Euro standards lead to about 60 varieties. This can largely be all desired physical, chemical and technological properties generate.

Whether luxurious reception areas of hotels, shiny instruments on board sailing ships, door handles at home or in public buildings, fittings sanitary facilities or stylish lamps, jewelery, art objects, fittings and hinges; Brass with its warm golden yellow to yellow-red hues radiates elegance and creates atmosphere. Also in virtually all industries brass is used. In machinery, equipment and power plant it is used for valves, synchronizer rings, pipes, turbines and impellers. In vehicle for auto radiator and heat exchanger, in precision engineering and in instrument for measurement, control and regulation devices and in electrical engineering and electronics for connectors, terminal contacts and semiconductor compounds.