This is us

We move metal.

Our handshake counts, because we rely on the traditional merchant art. Therefore, contact with our customers is particularly important to us. We don’t just sell material, we accompany you throughout the entire purchasing process and are there to help and advise you, even with material-specific questions. We have seen a lot, so we let our customers and partners benefit from our broad knowledge of non-ferrous metals.

We rely on a long partnership in which trust and quality have the highest priority. Ask us, together we move non-ferrous metals.

A value that represents everything

We are partners

For us, working in partnership means approaching orders, projects and tasks with employees, suppliers or customers on an equal footing. For us as a trading company, working in partnership requires trust, respect, attention and knowledge. We act in our interest when we act in yours. This is how we define partnership. This creates the basis on which we conduct successful business.

With us you buy performance.

We are there for you from the first need until the goods are in your production. Ask us.

What sets us apart:


Bremetall is regularly audited according to current standards


Non-ferrous metals are our specialty.


We are here whenever you need us.


We personally review all orders.

Let us hear from you

We move non-ferrous metals

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0421 / 40895890

We look forward to hearing from you.

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